Be good at what you do. Be original. Be not a total jerk. Include a short bio.

To submit, email or use the link below. You can expect to hear back from us within a month, usually within a week of the next release date. 

At this moment, Plague lacks the funds to pay its contributors.

As such, we do not ask any author, musician, artist or photographer for the exclusive rights to their work. We ask only for the right to publish it, non-exclusively, in our journal. We also ask for non-exclusive archival rights.

We accept simultaneous submissions and reprints, but please don’t send us work which is pending in a market which doesn’t. This will cause trouble for everyone. If submitting a reprint, please be sure to tell us where it first appeared so we can cite it properly.



Art / photography

Music / audio

We accept non-fiction, fiction and poetry (inc. prose poetry, as distinct from flash). In an ideal month, we will publish one piece prose and one poetical. 

We’ll read flashes from 100-600 words, and shorts from 600-7000 words. One of those per author, please. 

We have no line limit for poetry, and will look at up to five poems per author. Please do let us know if your poems are connected as a series or separate. 

Provide artwork and photography in as high a res as you can. 

Send as many paintings and photographs as you want.

Send music and other audio via Soundcloud if possible. Up to five submissions at a time.

Sound files should be, at a maximum, 20 mins in length.



2D paintings, drawings (including pen and ink), photography, graphic design and comic strips are  preferred, but we will also consider well photographed sculptural art.

We are unlikely to accept depictions of violence toward women unless produced by a woman artist. 

We are similarly unlikely to accept art which relies heavily on cultural appropriation. E.g. if you're a white artist, think twice about sending your tribal patterns.

Further guidelines on music & other audio tba. For now – keep it interesting. Music, spoken word and miscellaneous recordings will be considered. 


We have a particular bent toward writing with hard edges and sharp corners. 

For fiction, we’re interested in a range of genres and styles. Surprise us with just about everything– but be aware we prefer to publish an eclectic and diverse range of prose, month-on-month, so if you've read a very similar story here recently, we may be less likely to snap it up than we would have been 30 days prior. Sorry!

We like narrative non-fiction and interesting, dynamic essays, especially those centred on women’s issues, race issues, LGBTQ issues and issues of disability and chronic illness. We also have a place in our hearts for true crime and related writings, especially if relevant to said issues.

Poetry is an open field, but be warned– we are less likely to consider traditional forms, and rhyme must be handled with extreme care. 


We're open to submissions from all, but wherever possible, we will prioritise submissions from writers who are women, LGBTQ, of colour, disabled and/or chronically ill.

We're not magic, so it's always worth mentioning if you are one or more of the above in your first email to us.